Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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Up Trades is a worldwide broker that is an authorized and regulated company of St. Lucia, Registrar of International Business Companies No. 2023-00143, and is dedicated to providing the best trading experience.
Our pricing is derived from top-tier liquidity providers who provides prices to our platform.
Up Trades treasures every client and make their trading experience with us extraordinary, favorable, and profitable. Our top primacy is always to ensure our clients with superior quality services as required by global standards and regulations. It has been always our aim to build a trading experience proper and exclusive and take the trading to a totally new level. We provide market execution of less than a second, zero commission on funding, the tightest spread, diversified funding methods, a wide range of financial instruments, and the most powerful trading platform in the industry for a memorable trading journey.
Opening an account has never been easier with Up Trades. And it is completely free! You should start by filling out the registration form.Then, you should verify your e-mail. After the complete this confirmation step, you are in the Secure Client Area!
Up Trades offers 5 types of trading accounts which are Standard, Fixed, Raw, Up Plus, and Crypto. Account types are different basically with regards to spreads, commission, and minimum deposit amount. Besides that, we provide all account types of the same instruments, promotions, and leverage options. Please visit the Account Comparison page to find out more.
We provide Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies to our clients. We are dedicated to expanding our range of instruments. Please visit the Instruments page to find out more.
Up Trades offers Welcome Bonus that you can get up to a 200% bonus for each deposit. Furthermore, you can get up to $500 by joining our Refer a Friend promotion.
We offer two Partnership Programs. Affiliate Program: An Affiliate does promote the Up Trades on your website, blog, or social media accounts with the tools we provide. Thus, you earn a commission as regards the number of clients you get and their trading performance. Introducing Brokers Program: As an Introducing Broker (IB), you can improve your business by gathering new clients and referring them to Up Trades.
You can verify your account by uploading your proof of identity such as national ID/Passport or driving license.
We can be sure your information is valid with the account verification process. And it protects you against fraud. Therefore, it guarantees that your transactions are authorized and secure. Please note that only after your account is verified, you can withdraw funds.
We demand proof of identity from our clients. For proof of identity, you can upload a valid passport, national ID card, or driving license.
You can reset your password from the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the login page. Then, you will get the required instructions for changing your password to the email address you registered.
You can access our legal documentation on the website, or from the My Agreements section in the Secure Client Area.
Yes. You can start to practice your trading strategies by opening a demo account on Up Trades.
When you complete all required steps of registration, open your Live trading account on Secure Client Area. Then, download Up Trader or access webtrader. After depositing your account, you are ready to start trading!
Click the Accounts section on the left and open Accounts Overview to see the full list of your accounts in the Secure Client Area. You can access all the general information you need such as account number, type, currency, and balance including your demo accounts. Please note that you can make deposits, and create withdrawal requests from this section as well.
Yes. Please contact our support team via e-mail, phone, or LiveChat; then we can change the trading account type as you requested.
You can log in to your trading account after you successfully open it. However, you won’t be able to open a position until there are enough funds in your trading account. You can open a free demo account that allows you to experience trading with the virtual funds we provide.
There is no minimum level of deposit to open an account. But please note that you need to deposit $5000 for the UP Plus account to start to trade.
You can hold a position open for as long as your balance allows you to do so. If your margin level falls under 20%, your open positions will start to close. In addition, please be aware that if you hold a position open overnight, you will be charged swap/rollover.
Yes, you can. You can request new leverage by choosing your trading account in the Accounts Overview section on Secure Client Area.
Up Trades offers a variety of payment methods including credit and debit cards, e-Wallets, Bank Wire transfers, and local payment solutions.
You can make deposit by clicking Deposit Funds from the “Funds” section on the Secure Client Area.
No, payments made from third-party will be rejected. Only funds made in your name will be accepted.
To transfer funds to your bank account, you need to set up bank details. When your bank details are approved, you can select the bank account you uploaded as a withdrawal destination when you go to the ‘Funds’ tab and select ‘Withdraw Funds’.
Yes, please refer to the following points before requesting the internal transfer. - We allow internal transfers only between your own trading accounts. - Transfers can be made only in the currency of those accounts. - There are no minimum/maximum limits for requesting an internal transfer.
We offer UP Trader platform on various desktop and mobile devices. You can start to trade on your browser or mobile easily.
You can find your trading account credentials in the email you received after opening the trading account.
Yes, your equity and free margin include the bonus you get.
The total amount of your bonus can be viewed as "Credit" on our trading platform.
After you choose your trading account in the Accounts Overview section on Secure Client Area, you can change your trading account password by clicking the Change button next to your password.
The master password allows you full access to your trading account. On the contrary, you have limited access only by using an investor password. If you log in to your trading account by using your Investor password, you won’t be able to open positions, you can only view open/closed trades.
Yes. You can choose the time zone on the right corner of the screen.
Yes, our trading platform allows multiple logins simultaneously to the same account.
You can check your balance, margin, and equity on the left corner of the screen.
After choosing the instrument you want to trade, click on the Information section on the trading chart of the related instrument.

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